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C for Calmness

Today competitions continued with Trap Women & Men Junior Finals. Ladies – as usually – started first.

6 athletes participated in the Final: Sofia Littame and Giorgia Lenticchia (both from Italy), Noelia Pontes Villarrubia from Spain, Emma Kortišová from Slovakia, Zina Hrdličková from the Czech Republic, and Madeleine Louise Purser from Great Britain.

During the whole match athletes’ ranking changed from shot to shot, and someone, who was the first, used to get on the bottom of the Final rounds ranking.

The first to eliminate was Purser with 16 hits. She was followed by Kortišová and Lenticchia.

So for the fight for medals there were Littame, Hrdličková, and Pontes Villarrubia.

Shooting of Spanish and Czech ladies was obviously better, and so Littame left the range with the Bronze.

The difference between Hrdličková and Pontes Villarrubia was 2 hits (33-31), but Hrdličková managed to reduce it to zero, and both athletes finished the final round having 41 hits each which meant the shoot-off.

Both athletes shot perfectly and confidently, and it was a battle of nerves first of all. On the third shoot-off shot Hrdličková missed the target, and Pontes Villarrubia took the Gold medal with tears in her eyes, and she couldn't stop crying. What emotions!

Congratulations to all athletes!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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