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Danish Anna Nielsen for Gold after an extremely exciting final

Anna Nielsen (DEN) and Audrey Gogniat (SUI) showed their best final skills in the right time.

Anna was 5th after Qualification and the 5th and Audrey 6th, but it didn’t make them nervous. They ruled their nerves in the right place. They shot the whole final elimination round well and made a real thriller in the end.

While the real Gold Match starts from zero, it is like new game after the elimination round. 

Anna Nielsen was leading 7-3 after five shots, then Gogniat won two next shots and the Final was tie 7-7. After that Nielsen won again two shots and wshe was leading 11-7. Gogniat started her run and the match was again tie 11-11. Now it was Nielsen turn to manage and she won the next shot, but Gogniat didn’t give up – she won the next shot!

Situation was once again tie 13-13. In the following two shots ended to the same results and the match tie again (15-15).

Next shot was the deciding shot, Nielsen managed make 10.3 and Gogniat 10.1. Rest is history. Danish Anna Nielsen was crowned as an European Champion.

Risto Aarrekivi

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