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Days of inner tens, tiny differences and déjà vus

On May 22nd competitions began with 300m events here in Osijek.

Everything started with the 300m Rifle Prone Men event where Croatian Rajmond Debevec proved again to be the best with 598 points. Alexander Schmirl from Austria and Péter Sidi from Romania both have scored 596 but Schmirl had more inner tens.

After Men it was Ladies’ turn to enter the fire points. Once again, inner tens were the deciding factor. Charlotte Jakobsen from Denmark has scored 595-30x while Anzela Voronova from Estonia – 595-26x. Karina Kotkas – also from Estonia – became the third with the difference of just 1 point.

In Men’s Team event Golds went to Switzerland represented by Pascal Bachmann, Gilles Vincent Dufaux, and Simon Maag. Silver and Bronze medals went to Alexander Schmirl, Bernhard Pickl, and Patrick Diem from Austria and Karl Olsson, Andreas Jansson, and Johan Gustafsson from Sweden.

As for the Women, it was Switzerland’s triumph again! Anja Senti, Sarina Hitz, and Silvia Guignard Schnyder took Gold medals with an impressive difference of 11 points ahead of Estonians Anzela Voronova, Karina Kotkas, and Liudmila Kortshagina. Polish Karolina Romańczyk, Paula Wrońska, and Sylwia Bogacka completed the top three.

Day 4 of the Championships started with the European record!

On May 23rd Romanian Péter Sidi scored 593 points in 300m Rifle 3 Positions Men event which is a new European record! Bernhard Pickl from Austria was second with 588, Gilles Vincent Dufaux from Switzerland took Bronze.

Among Women Agathe Cecile Camille Girard from France and Karolina Romańczyk from Poland both scored 589 points but Girard had more inner tens. Bronze went to Norwegian Katrine Lund with a difference of – again! – 1 point.

Gilles Vincent Dufaux, Pascal Bachmann, and Simon Maag repeated their success as of yesterday and won Golds for Switzerland with 1 745 points. Austrian Team – again like yesterday! – represented by Bernhard Pickl, Patrick Diem, and Tobias Mair took Silvers. Finns Sebastian Långström, Riku Tapio Koskela, and Juho Autio took Bronzes. Women’s Team Norway (Katrine Lund, Jenny Vatne, Oda Flikkerud) has also scored 1 745 and took Gold with a decisive margin ahead of their Swiss competitors Silvia Guignard Schnyder, Sarina Hitz, and Anja Senti who scored 1 731. Bronzes went to Poland (Karolina Romańczyk, Sylwia Bogacka, Paula Wrońska).


Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

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