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Decisions of the ESC Presidium

Due to the withdrawal of the Finnish Shooting Sport Federation (FSSF) to organize the 2021 European Championship 10m in Lohia, Finland, the ESC Presidium has taken the following decisions:

1. To hold the 2021 European Championship 10m Air Rifle/Air Pistol in May 2021 in Osijek, Croatia, together with the 2021 European Championship 25/50/300m/Shotgun as one European Championship.

2. To address the ISSF with a request to coordinate with the IOC the appropriate changes in the " Qualification System – Games of the XXXII Olympiad – Tokyo 2020” issued in May 2020.

3. To attract attention of the organizers of the European Championship 2021 in Finland and the Finnish Shooting Sport Federation to their violation of article 3.4.1 of the ESC General Regulations and the need to comply with the existing decision-making process and the procedures of information disseminating to the public.

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