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Double victory for Latvia – Ernets Erbs won the 2020 Lapua European Cup of Standard Pistol

Latvia took double victory when Latvian Ernest Erbs (573) won the 2020 Lapua European Cup in Standard Pistol. Silver shot his team mate Lauris Strautmanis (571) and the Bronze medal took Estonian Peeter Olesk (568).

It was the last 2020 Final during this weekend; next athletes will compete the 2021 Finals.

It looks that it’s Strautmanis destiny to be on Silver place. He won yesterday Silver in Center Fire Pistol too. Strautmanis was leading after the 150 sec series with 2 points. Straumanis shot 195, Erbs 193. Then after the 20 sec series Straumanis and Erbs had tie, while Erbs made this time 195 and Strautmanis 193. It looked that Strautmanis will take the victory while he was leading after the first 10 sec series (94), Erbs made 91 with the difference of 3 points. But then in the second 10 sec series Strautmanis failed a little in two last shots and made 89. Erbs shot nicely and calmly and made 94. Erbs passed his teammate and took the victory.

The victory result was 573 and series 193+195+185.

- The shooting was a little bit stressful while 20 sec series went a little bit slow and it made me stress. Fortunately I could collect myself and keep calm in 10 sec series. I was actually 3 points behind Lauris Strautmanis before the last 10 sec series. First I thought that it is not possible to catch him or even pass, but then I thought that I have nothing to lose and then it managed. I slept only five hours last night and it was too less and that made also me difficult to concentrate. Lauris missed unfortunately two last shots (2 x 7), luck for me, explained happy Ernets Erbs.

Risto Aarrekivi

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