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ESC Challenge – new European event

The ESC Presidium has approved a new event – ESC Challenge.

Depending on the precise format and competition rules this event can be included in the program of the ESC Championships as Individual, Mixed Team, Team or Open. It can be applied in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and even Target Sprint disciplines.

Actually, ESC Challenge is not something completely new and there is no need to change the program of the European Championships. In competitions for teams, for example, just one more set of medals will be added and there will be more athletes to win them.

Upon proposal of the Technical Committee the Presidium decided to introduce the following formats:
a) Solo – for individual events (for example, 10m Air Rifle Solo Men/Women);
b) Duet – for events with two athletes competing in pair (for example, 25m Pistol Duet);
c) Trio – for events with three athletes competing as a team (for example, Trap Trio Men/Women);
d) Quartet – for events with four athletes competing as a team (for example, 10m Air Pistol Quartet);
e) Relay – for events with three or four athletes competing as a team but shooting one after another for a combined result (for example, 50m Rifle Relay).

The recognition of the ESC Challenge will allow the ESC to be in compliance with its General Regulations and at the same time create a base for future development of the shooting sport.

At all 2024 European Championships participation in ESC Challenge competitions will be free for the Member Federations. Entry fees to the Organizers will be paid by the ESC.

Besides, prize money will be established for the medalists by the ESC Sponsor.

The formats and competition rules for the ESC Challenge event that will be applied at the 2024 European Championships can be found here.

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