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Eurovision: Shooting is on top!

Shooting is among the top sports in both: duration of TV transmissions and hours viewed, it was revealed by European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in its “European Games 2023” report presented at the 52nd EOC General Assembly in Istanbul.

With nearly 62 hours of broadcasting the shooting sport competition accumulated 1.641.452 hours viewed, it means an average audience of 26.500 viewers per hour.

The EBU report provides separate data for athletics, aquatics, cycling and all other sports included in the program of the 3rd European Games in Poland. Among those 24 sports shooting is on third place in duration of TV broadcastings and also in hours viewed.

Only boxing and canoeing had more hours of broadcasting, nearly 69 and 98 respectively. But the hours viewed of boxing, for example, are 700.160 less than of shooting.

The 2023 European Games were broadcasted on 43 TV channels in 27 European countries, says the EBU report.

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