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Fight till the very end!

The Air Rifle Gold medal match was the closing event of the European Champions League here in Budapest.

It was a confrontation between host nation Hungary and Germany. The hall was full of spectators supporting their athletes.

From the very first minutes it became clear that neither Team was going to give each other the coveted Trophy. And so the first Duel between Zalán Pekler and Maximilian Ulbrich ended with 16-10. And again: the thing is that Zalán was calmer than Maximilian.

Then it was the Ladies' turn. Eszter Mészáros lost to Anna Janssen with 11-17, but it was a hard stubborn again – till the very last shot, as always!

In the third Duel István Péni met Maximilian Dallinger. From the very beginning and during the whole round both athletes showed almost equal results, and this generated a storm of emotions in the auditorium! So in the 15th series the score was 15-15! Next shot – 16-16! The last shot – 18-16 in favor of Péni! A high voltage for everyone here! 2-1 for Hungary!

Then it was Girls time again: a Duel between Eszter Dénes and Lisa Müller. Müller won with 17-5 but it was absolutely not easy for her to do it. Both teams have now 2 points, so Mixed Teams – like yesterday – enter the arena!

This time everything was pretty fast. Hungarians didn’t left any chance to their rivals and won the match with 16-6. Thus, the balance is restored: each of the nations has a Gold and Silver medal in Air Rifle and Air Pistol respectively!

Congratulations to all the Teams and thanks for great show and performance!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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