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Heat inside and outside

As we already know, the weather here in Osijek changes frequently and quickly. But the last two days have been quite hot. And today it’s simply unbearable.

Fortunately, in the match for the bronze medal, the athletes in the 25m Pistol Duet Junior event took pity on both the spectators and themselves, and Team Ukraine 2 (Yuliia Didenko and Oleksii Tsion) defeated Team Hungary 2 (Vivien Dézsi and Dávid Akos Laczik) with a score of 16-2.

On the one hand, unfortunately, the match for Gold medals was not nearly as fast-paced. On the other hand, we have once again witnessed an unfolding drama. Viliena Bevz and Vladyslav Medushevskyi (Team Ukraine 1) competed against Ane Bjørkås Torgersen and Hans Wang Nøstvold from Norway. At first, the Ukrainians took the lead, but the Hungarian athletes constantly caught up with them, and when the score was 11-5 in favor of Ukraine, the Hungarians went uphill and evened the situation to 13-13. Then – again a tie: 15-15! However, in the last series the Ukrainian pair was more accurate and won Golds with a score of 17-15.

Thanks to all the athletes for the most interesting performances, and to the audience for their desperate support! See you soon!

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