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It was a long but really exciting day

The energy of Individual matches that took place on Wednesday has been carried over to Thursday: it was absolutely impossible to predict or understand who the winner would be.

In 50m Rifle Prone Women event the best became Sára Karasová from the Czech Republic with 629.7 points. The AIN Darya Chuprys who’s Junior competing in Senior event, earned 628.8 points which means European and World record Junior! Norwegian Jenny Stene took Bronze with 628.5 points – such a tiny difference!

In Team event the Czech Republic was best again. Sára Karasová, Veronika Blažíčková, and Kateřina Štefánková scored 1881.4 points and set an European record! Jenny Stene, Jeanette Hegg Duestad, and Mari Bårdseng Løvseth from Norway scored 1876.7 points. Bronzes went to Chiara Leone, Anja Senti, and Sarina Hitz from Switzerland with 1870.7 points.

Slovak Patrik Jány took Gold in 50m Rifle Prone Men Final with 628.8 points. Jón Þór Sigurðsson from Iceland and Jesper Johansson from Sweden earned both 627.0 points but Sigurðsson shot better in the last series.

Same like in Women’s event, it was the same nation’s success in Team competition. Slovaks Patrik Jány, Štefan Sulek, and Ondřej Holko took Golds with 1876.4 points. They were followed by Czechs Jiří Přívratský, Petr nymburský, and Filip Nepejchal with 1871.0, and Jon-Hermann Hegg, Henrik Larsen, and Ole Martin Halvorsen from Norway with 1869.9.

Then it was turn of 25m Pistol Women Trio to enter the Final hall. As throughout the day and all Medal matches, the leadership used to change. Anyway Golds were taken by Germans Josefin Eder, Doreen Vennekamp, and Monika Karsch by taking over Hungarians Veronika Major, Miriam Jákó, and Renáta Tobai-Sike with 16-12. In Bronze medal match Antoaneta Kostadinova, Miroslava Mincheva, and Lidia Nencheva from Bulgaria beat Anastasiia Nimets, Olena Kostevych, and Yulia Korostylova from Ukraine with 17-13.

Emely Jäggi, Nina Christen, and Chiara Leone from Switzerland took over Mari Bårdseng Løvseth, Jenny Stene, and Jeanette Hegg Duestad from Norway 50m Rifle 3 Positions Trio Women event with 17-13 and won Golds. In the Bronze medal match Polish Julia Ewa Piotrowska, Aleksandra Anna Pietruk, and Natalia Kochańska were better (16-14) than Serbians Teodora Vukojević, Sanja Vukašinović, and Andrea Arsović.

And finally, the long-awaited final match of the day arrived, which began at 18:45 and closed the program: 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Trio Men. Germans Oliver Geis, Florian Peter, and Christian Reitz won Ukrainians Volodymyr Pasternak, Maksym Horodynets, and Denys Kushnirov with 17-11 and took Golden medals, and it was really hard to achieve this victory: both coaches took timeouts after which each team shot better! In the Bronze medal Matěj Rampula, Antonín Tupý, and Tomas Tehan from the Czech Republic defeated their former fellow citizens from Slovakia Lukas Filip, Marek Copak, and Ján Kořínek with 16-6.

Thanks to our athletes for the great show!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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