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It was the Italian day!

Competitions continued with Skeet Men Team Junior event.

In the Bronze medal match Team Cyprus (Andreas Pontikis, Markos Kontopoulos, and Varnavas Theodorou) competed with Team Germany (Linus Simon Wienker, Tim Maurice Krause, and Luis Lange).

Every round was very full of tense, and differences were just 1-2 clays. Cypriots managed to win just third round, and the final score was 6-2 in favor of Team Germany.

In the Gold medal match Marco Coco, Francesco Bernardini, and Andrea Galardini from Italy shot against Lassi Akseli Matias Kauppinen, Eino Akseli Peltomäki, and Ukko-Pekka Mäkinen from Finland.

The first two rounds were taken by each of the Teams. In the third and fourth round there was a tie, so the score was 4-4.

And just the fifth round decided the match’s faith, and it were Italians again!

Viva Italia!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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