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Italy and Hungary for Gold in EYLCH Final

The Final Day of the European Youth League Championship woke up in Tallinn Estonia same kind as Saturday; rough wind was blowing outside, fortunately we were inside.

The medal match teams were cleared after yesterday´s round.

In Air Pistol Bronze match will compete Ukraine and Poland. The Spanish and Italian Teams would be competing from the glory and gold.

In Air Rifle Sweden and Italy managed into the Bronze Match. In the Gold Match will compete Hungary and Norway.

The teams will not win only glory and medals, the winner teams will also win four Sius Ascor electronic Scoring Targets, silver teams will three targets, bronze medal teams 2 targets and fourth also one. That´s a good goal to aim.

Ukraine bronze in Air Pistol

First of the Medal Matches was the Bronze Match of the Air Pistol . In the Bronze Match of Air PistoL Ukraine was better against Poland with scores 82-70. It was needed 19 shot before the bronze medals were clear. In the Ukrainian Bronze teams consisted of Yuliia Isachenko, Maksym Himon, Ivan Martynov and Olha Lepska.

Sweden fought bronze in Air Rifle

The Second Medal Match was the Bronze Match of the Air Rifle, in which teams from Sweden and Italy. Sweden Won the bronze medal quite clearly. It ruled the whole match, but Italy fought well. Sweden started strongly and soon the difference was already 18 points. Italy fought and made the difference narrower but it couldn´t reach Sweden. The win the match looked to be quite difficult, while Sweden had four possibilities to get the victory. The numbers tell everything (74-54, 76-60, 80-64 and 84-68).

The Swedish team consisted of Jesper Johansson, Moa Hallberg, Evelina Neumann Szilagyi and Anton Salomonsson.

Strong start of the Italian team led them to the gold in Air Pistol

Italy started strongly the Air Pistol Gold Match. They won all first matches, three of four in the second shots and after five shots Italy won leading already with 20 points (30-10). Spain tried to survive but they couldn´t reach Italy. Italy won finally with 86-66. As we recognized that even your team is superior, to finish the match is sometimes hard. Italy had three “match balls” before the manage to win.

The Italian Gold team consisted of Liang Xi Savorani, Alessio Arrighi, Federica Quattrocchi and Fransesca Cardiero.

In the Spanish silver team competed Ines Ortega, Juan Miguel Robles, Lucas Sanchez and Julia Valls.

Hungary for gold in Air Rifle

Hungarians and Norwegians has been known as talent shooters and athletes for a long time and that is why the Gold match was expected to be very exciting and so the beginning of the match promised too. Hungary took the lead but Norway didn´t give up and took the lead from Hungary after the fifth shot 18-22. It looked that Norway has a good flow and they were leading until to the 10th shots. Hungary took the lead 41-39 and just left Norway behind. I think that Balint Kalman´s 10.9 decided finally the game and Hungary was leding with the difference of 18 point. 

The rest is history, Hungary won with 83-69 Norway. The Golden team consisted of Anna Toth, Aron Racz, Balint Kalman and Csilla Ferik.

In the Norwegian silver team competed Synnöve Berg, Pernille Nor-Woll, Jens Olsud Oestli and Even Enger Throndsen.

Thank you Estonia, next year we´ll meet in Serbia!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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