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It's important to be serious

On Tuesday competitions continued with Trap Men Junior Finals here in Osijek.

As usually, there were 6 athletes participating: Adrian López Diaz (Spain), Emanuele Iezzi (Italy), Thomas William Betts (Great Britain), Kaarlo Hoppu (Finland), Charly Haenel (France), and Francesco-Alessandro Tiganescu (Romania).

Unlike the Women's match, the Men's one was faster and more dynamic.

It’s important to remark that during the whole match Tiganescu was at the bottom of the rankings, but he was constantly moving forward.

Haenel was first to eliminate with 18 clays. The next were Hoppu and Betts. López Diaz and Iezzi remained on the range. Of course, together with Tiganescu.

Finally, Tiganescu and López Diaz were left alone in the 10th round with the score 39-39. Iezzi took Bronze.

We haven’t seen absolutely any emotion on Tiganescu’s face. His was totally imperturbable. The only time he smiled was when he stood at the top of the podium at the Medal Ceremony having won the Gold medal with 44-42.

Perhaps Tiganescu could be compared to the Terminator which was programmed exclusively to win and did not notice anything around.

C for Calmness.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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