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It's time to learn the tarantella

Today athletes competed in Trap Team Junior events.

Madeleine Louise Purser, Tegan Liberty Hart, and Leah Southall from Great Britain met Nisa Nur Aydemir, Esma Samira Kaya, and Ilia Naz Uzun from Türkiye.

Britons took the first two rounds. The third round was for Turks.

Finally British girls won the match with 7-3 and secured their medals.

The Gold medal match was much more interesting and full of dynamics. Representatives of Italy Sofia Littame, Maria Teresa Giorgia Maccioni, and Giorgia Lenticchia shot against Zina Hrdličková, Tereza Závišková, and Martina Matějková from the Czech Republic.

Nothing special to say: Italians won the match very fast with 6-0.

We are sure that everyone present has already learned the Italian anthem by heart. Now it's time to take on new heights.

Congratulations to all athletes!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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