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Lauris Strautmanis (LAT) won the 2021 Standard Pistol Final in 2021 Lapua European Cup

The last competition of the 2021 Lapua European Cup finished with the victory of Latvian Strautmanis. He turned his Silvers into Gold.

The competition was very exciting until the end. Before the very last 10 sec. series Strautmanis, French Kevin Chapon and Florian Fouquet had the same result. The difference was only the number of inner tens.

The last shots and results. Lauris Strautmanis (571) won finally with the difference of one point before Kevin Chapon (570). Florian Fouquet won Bronze medal with result of 569.

- Oh my God, what a competition. I had Silvers before this. I wanted to win and to have Gold at least once. I knew my level and this was my last possibility to show it. And I managed. It was like now or never – and it was now! I was a little bit unsure, but then I collected myself and managed. I’m very happy at the moment and of course satisfied, explained the 2021 Lapua European Cup Winner of 25m Standard Cup.

 Strautmanis really changed his destiny!

Risto Aarrekivi

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