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Running Target’s day of fully dedicated to the first run of 20 shots of the mixed-event!

The women start the first run of mixed to come to the following intermediate result.

Meeting again our ladies to start today shooting. Temperature is fresh, again after the last night thunderstorm.

The 13 ladies open the shooting day with the first run of mixed.

Veronika MAJOR (HUN) is leading this intermediate result for mixed women.

You are used to follow Veronika MAJOR at pistol events, but some of you can remember that she always competing in the both disciplines pistol and running target.

Who from you can remember that in ECH 2017 Maribor Veronika was 3rd in pistol, and golden in running target? Her secret is probably that she is born in Keszthely, just 5 km from Gyenesdiás.

Veronika MAJOR seems relaxed and smiling with 191/200 which provide some advance to her follower. AT the 2nd intermediate place, Daniela VOGELBACHER (GER) with 187 pts; seems already focused on the tomorrow second run of this mixed event. Olga Stepanova (RUS) is very close following at 186/200 pts.

The Russia is leading the intermediate team event.

The show goes on with the men’s mixed run!

As for all athletes, the mixed event brings emotions and surprises to the men participants.

The leader in this intermediate result is coming from Sweden; Emil MARTINSSON shot almost for perfection for 199/200 pts.

Just behind E. Martinsson (SWE), Maxim STEPANOV (RUS) doesn’t miss to get a good start to this mixed event with 198/200 pts. Later 2 athletes must share the 3rdposition in this intermediate result: Lukasz CZAPLA (POL) and Ihor KIZYMA (UKR) are equal at 197/200 pts.

The Russian team is leading in this intermediate result.

The junior events followed immediately in the beginning of the afternoon.

The Ukraine woman junior, Marharyta TARKANII (UKR), is leading the intermediate competition with the very good score of 193/200 pts.

Marharyta TARKANII (UKR)193/200 pts is followed by Kristina HILEVYCH, also from Ukraine with 191/200. The 3rd intermediate place is hold by the winner of the 30+30, Ida HEIKKILA (FIN) 186 pts.

The Ukrainian women junior team is leading in this intermediate result.

The junior men closed the today events, doing their 20 mixed run shots.

Denys BABLIUK (UKR) leads the intermediate result in Men Junior Mixed run.

The intermediate leader is Denys BABLIUK from Ukraine; he shot a very good 194/200 pts. He is followed by Andreas BERGSTROEM (SWE) 192, and at the 3rd place Aaro Vuorimaa (FIN), 191 ( LVS:8) pts.

The Swedish team is leading.

Results can be found here.

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