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Running Target’s day of the mixed team’s and more!

Today is the firework of mixed: mixed gender, are competing in mixed-run, and some of the teams are mixed-countries: 2 Russian teams, 2 Hungarian teams, 2 Finish team, 3 international teams.

Some basic rules to keep in mind: one woman and one man per team, the man starts (shoots on moving to the left during final), followed by the woman (who shoots moving to the right during final). The senior starts first, followed by the junior event. Semi-final are followed by the final.

13 senior teams are opening this discipline.

RUS1 (Stepanova/Stepanov) with 386/400, followed by RUS2 (Izmalkova/Azarenko) with 379 (LVS:7). 3rd is NOR (Tanger/ Nordsveen) with 379 (LVS:6). The shoot-off decides who will be the fourth due equal score of 378/400: finally, FIN/UKR2 (Lahdekorpi/Honcharova) qualified for the next step to the semi-final with +19 pts, instead of and HUN3 (Kortvelyessy/Tasi).

The 2 semi-finals provide good emotions that the scoring doesn’t fully demonstrate. RUS1 only needed 6 runs to sort out FIN/UKR2 with 6 to 0. RUS2 won this stage with 6pts to 3 pts for NOR.

The match for the 3rd place has been awarded by FIN/UKR2 (Lahdekorpi/Honcharova)with 7 pts to 5 for NOR (photo).

Exciting fighting for gold, up to 5-to-5 points between RUS1 and RUS2; finally RUS1 (Stepanova/Stepanov) wins with 6 pts to 1 pt for RUS2 (Izmalkova/Azarenko).

The 10 juniors teams provided good results.

The standing after the 40 qualification shots are the following: the first team isUKR2 (Hilevych / Danilenko) 389/400 pts before the 2ndteam representing RUS3 (Boltaeva / Lepeshkin) 375. The third team is UKR3 (Zhuchenko / Babliuk) 367 (QS-off: +19+17+20) just one point before, the 4th -mixed team from FIN (Heikkilae/Vuorimaa) 367 (QS-off: +19+17+19).

After hard battles in this junior’s semi-finals, the finals provided the following results:

From left to right, mixed team junior: FIN (Ida Heikkilae/Aaro Vuorimaa) at 2nd place with 5 pts, and gold winner UKR3 (Denys Babliuk/Anastasiia Zhuchenko) with 7 pts.

Tomorrows fully dedicated to the first run of 20 shots of the mixed-event!

Results can be found here.

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