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Russia dominated in Air Pistol Men Junior

European Champion title was won by Anton Aristarkhov from Russian Federation, silver medal goes to Paolo Monna from Italy and bronze – to Ernests Erbs from Latvia. European Champion also achieved new World and European records!

Aristarkhov dominated nearly all time in Finals. His weakest moment came during the 21st-22nd shot when Italian Paolo Monna led by 0,5 and shot two times 10.2 and Aristarkhov managed to have 9.2 and 9.7. Monna was leading now with 1 point. Next shots: Aristarkhov shoots 10,0 and Monna – 9.6. Monna leads still but just a little. Last shots: Monna shot quickly – 9.5. Audience can’t even breath while waiting for Aristarkov’s shot – 10.2!!! Audience gives huge applause. Aristarkhov gets Monna ahead and takes the European Champions title.

«I feel very good after the competition, my performance could be better, but it came out the best way at the end. I’m very happy to win the gold medal», told the new European Champion.

Italian Monna was a little bit disappointed, but looked quite satisfied after the competition.

«It’s a beautiful competition and I feel myself very emotional. It was very tense, I had a chance for gold, but I’m very happy of winning the silver medal too», told Monna.

The team Championship of the Air Pistol Men Junior was won by Russian Federation as well. The team consisted of Anton Aristakhov, Alexander Petrov and Mikhail Isakov. Germany won silver with the difference of one point ahead of the Ukrainian team.

Running Target Mixed Men and Women – Russia ruled

European Champion’s Running Target Mixed Men title was won by Vladislav Shchepotkin from Russian Federation; silver medal goes to Maxim Stepanov also from Russian Federation and bronze – to Emil Martinsson from Sweden.

European Champion’s Running Target Mixed Women title was won by Galina Avramenko from Ukraine, silver medal goes to Olga Stepanova and bronze – to Irina Izmalkova (both from Russian Federation).

Running Target Mixed Men team. European Champion became the team of Russian Federation; silver was won by team Sweden and bronze – by team Finland. The Russian Federation team consisted of Vladislav Shchepotkin, Maxim Stepanov and Vladislav Prianishnikov

Running Target Mixed Women Team. European Champions title was won by team of Russian Federation; silver goes to team Ukraine and bronze – to team Hungary. Russian gold team consisted of Olga Stepanova, Irina Izmalkova and Julia Eydenzon.

Viljem Grdadolnik / Risto Aarrekivi

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