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Swedish Jan-Olov Danielsson for double victory in 25m Lapua European Cup in Ockero Sweden

The 25m Lapua European Cup continued in Sweden during the last weekend in Öckerö Shooting Sport Centre. The Qualification round was the second one; the first was competed in Tallinn, Estonia and the third will be in Århus, Denmark. On the 11-13th September and the Final Event on 9-11th October in Lisbon, Portugal.

In Öckerö there were athletes from Estonia, Poland and host country Sweden. The Swedish Jan-Olav Danielsson was best in both events: in Center Fire Pistol and Standard Pistol. Danielsson won his teammate, Hakan Landebring with the difference of two points (579/577) in Center Fire Pistol. Third was Nemo Tabur (572) from Estonia.

Danielsson continued his good performance also on Sunday in 25 m Standard Pistol by beating this time his teammate Pontus Schmidt with the difference of five point (566/561). Yesterdays silver medalist Landebring won bronze with result 560.

Results (the bolded athletes received the quota for the final event):

25 m Center Fire Pistol

1. Jan-Olov Danielsson SWE 579

2. Håkan Landebring SWE 577

3. Nemo Tabur EST 572

4. Mikael Nilsson SWE 569

5. Per-Anders Lander SWE 561

6. Daniel Kania POL 559

7. Pontus Schmidt SWE 557

8. Nicklas Attefjord SWE 539

9. Pasi Tyynelä SWE 537

10. Lars Erik Bjuhr SWE 485

11. Zenitha Bjuhr SWE

12. Fredrik Jägersvärd SWE

25m Standard Pistol

1. Jan-Olov Danielsson SWE 566

2. Pontus Schmidt SWE 561

3. Håkan Landebring SWE 560

4. Daniel Kania POL 554

5. Nemo Tabur EST 552

6. Joe Furborg SWE 550

7. Per-Anders Lander SWE 549

8. Mikael Nilsson SWE 546

9. Niklas Krabb SWE 533

10. Pasi Tyynelä SWE 514

11. Lars Erik Bjuhr SWE 497

12. Fredrik Jägersvärd SWE 487

The complete Results Book can be found here.

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