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Swedish Karl Olsson ruled the 300m Rifle 3 x40 Men, Switzerland won again the Team competition

Lapua European Cup 300 Rifle continued in Aarhus on Friday.

The weather conditions had changed on Friday morning, the strong, rounding wind was away. The competition was tight and the winner was finally Swedish Karl Olsson with result 1181, Second was Finn Aleksi Leppä (1180), only one point behind Olsson. Bronze medal winner was Swiss Gilles Dufaux (1179), only one point behind Leppä.

Karl Olsson was leading after the kneeling with result 397. On the second place was Slovenian Rajmond Debevec (395) who had to make yesterday a journey to Germany while he had forgotten some equipment there.

After prone position the competition was tie with Debevec and Olsson. Debevec. Debevec made 399 and Olsson 397. Fnnish Aleksi Leppa shot fine too, his result was also 399 and he was fourth after Swiss Dufaux and just four points behind leaders.

In standing position would decide the whole competition and it was very tight when Finnish Aleksi Leppä started his run to top. His first standing series was 98, second 97 and third 96. His last series was excellent 99 and the total result 1180. The run did unfortunately didn’t reach enough while Olsson was leading Leppa with four points after prone and now he made 387. The total was 1181 and gold for Karl Olsson (SWE).

Rajmond Debevec could not keep the medal positions, while he shot only 378 and his total result was 1172 and he dropped on the seventh place.

Bronze medal travelled to Switzerland, Gilles Dufaux with result 1179.

- Small things, they solved the victory and Karl managed them better, congratulated Leppa the winner Olsson.

Switzerland best again in team competition

Swiss team took the gold medal again in Aarhus. Their total result 3530 and they won silver medal team with nineteen (19) points. The golden team consisted of Gilles Dufaux (1179), Sandro Greuter (1177) and Pascal Bachmann (1174). Silver medal winner Finland and hosting country Denmark was on bronze (3496).

300m Rifle 3x40 Men:

1. OLSSON Karl SWE 1181

2. LEPPÄ Aleksi FIN 1180 (391,399,390)

3. DUFAUX Gilles SUI 1179

4. GREUTER Sandro SUI 1177

5. MARKOJA Robert SLO 1175

6. BACHMANN Pascal SUI 1174

7. DEBEVEC Rajmond SLO 1172

8. BARTNIK Tomascz POL 1171

9. KURKI Juho FIN 1168 (392, 392, 384)

10. OLSEN Steffen DEN 1167

11. L-MIKKELSEN Jens-Ulrik DEN 1165


13. KOSKELA Riku FIN 1163 (388,389,386)

14. BEREUTER Rafael SUI 1161

15. PUHAKKA Antti FIN 1155 (384, 398,373)

16. DÜNKI Sascha SUI 1152

17. ROMANCZYK Daniel POL 1145

18. OLSEN Johnny DEN 1144

19. ZISKO Dusan SLO 1129

20. PEDERSEN Jesper DEN 1118

21. HUNT Andres EST 1096

22. NIELSEN Mads B. DEN 1070

300m Rifle 3x40 Team Men:

Switzerland 3530

Finland 3511

Denmark 1 3496

Slovenia 3476

Denmark 2 3332

Photo by Marko Leppä.

Risto Aarrekivi

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