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Swiss Adrian Schaub and Jason Solari started with a double victory in 25m Pistol Lapua European Cup in Suhl

The third qualification round of the 25m Pistol Lapua European Cup was competed during this weekend in Suhl Germany. This competition was the biggest Lapua Cup competition so far. There were 28 participants from seven (7) countries and Germany returned after two years pause into the Lapua Cup.

The next round (4th) will be organised first time in Rečica Pri Laškem, in Slovenia on 20-22nd August 2021.

The athletes competed in Center Fire Pistol on Saturday and on Sunday was the Standard Pistol. Switzerland took the double victory on Saturday’s Center Fire Pistol. Adrian Schaub won the competition with result 582. Schaub’s teammate Jason Solari was second only one point behind. Solari and Czech Tomas Tehan shot the same result (581) and they both had 19 inner tens. Swiss Solari won silver, while his last ten shot series was better Tehan’s. Fourth was Tehan’s teammates Antonin Tupy (577) and fifth Jindrich Dubovy (576).

Gold for Joze Ceper in Standard Pistol

Slovenian Joze Ceper won the Standard Pistol competition in 25m Pistol Lapua European Cup in Suhl. Ceper was even superior, while he won yesterday’s silver medallist Jason Solari with the difference of seven (7) points. Silver medal for Solari was not so easy job, while the same result 564 shot also French Florian Fouquet, Solari won with the number of inner tens, Solari 17 and Fouquet 14. Fourth was Czeh Tomas Tehan with result of 563.

The place for the Center Fire Pistol final received Jason Solari (SUI), Tomas Tehan (CZE), Antonin Tupy (CZE) and Jindrich Dubovy (CZE). Schaub had achieved the final place earlier. In Standard Pistol Final places were delivered for Ceper, Solari, Fouquet and Tehan.

The finals of the 25m Pistol European Lapua Cup will be organised in Chateauroux France on 17-19th September 2021.

25m Center Fire Pistol

The bolded athletes received the place for finals

1. SCHAUB Adrian SUI 582 (24x)

2. SOLARI Jason SUI 581 (19x)

3. TEHAN Tomas CZE 581 (19x)

4. TUPY Antonin CZE 577 (16 x)

5. DUBOVY Jindrich CZE 576 (9x)

6. FRIDRICI Yann FRA 575 (13x)

7. CEPER Joze SLO 574 (15x)

8. CHAPON Kévin FRA 574 (15x)

9. TRIPPEL Stephan GER 572 (18x)

10. FOUQUET Florian FRA 572 (15x)

11. SCHLEUTER Michael GER 571 (15x)

12. NILSSON Mikael SWE 570 (16x)

13. ENGEL Torben GER 569 (13x)

14. TRUELSSON Jan DEN 569 (13x)

15. MEYER Patrick GER 569 (13x)

16. DUVIEL Patrice FRA 569 (12x)

17. DIETHELM Dylan SUI 568 (17x)

18. BERLET Torsten GER 566 (13x)

19. SØRENSEN Holger DEN 558 (10x)

20. LANDEBRING Håkan SWE 551 (12x)

21. MICHEL Pierre GER 543 (11x)

22. DYRSKJØT Lars DEN 542 (11x)

23. HRIBAR Jan SLO 492 (6x)

Standard Pistol

1. CEPER Joze SLO 577

2. SOLARI Jason SUI 564 (17x)

3. FOUQUET Florian FRA 564 (14x)

4. TEHAN Tomas CZE 563 (10x)

5. RAMPULA Matej CZE 561 (12x)

6. TRIPPEL Stephan GER 561 (10x)

7. DUVIEL Patrice FRA 560

8. SCHAUB Adrian SUI 559 (8x)

9. TRUELSSON Jan DEN 559 (4x)

10. DUBOVY Jindrich CZE 558

11. CHAPON Kévin FRA 557 (8x)

12. FRIDRICI Yann FRA 557 (7x)

13. SCHLEUTER Michael GER 556 (11x)

14. MEYER Patrick GER 556 (8x)

15. LANDEBRING Håkan SWE 555

16. TUPY Antonin CZE 548

17. BERLET Torsten GER 545 (9x)

18. MICHEL Pierre GER 545 (9x)

19. NILSSON Mikael SWE 544

20. DIETHELM Dylan SUI 543

21. ENGEL Torben GER 541

22. KECELJ Matija SLO 533 (7x)

23. DYRSKJØT Lars DEN 533 (4x)

24. SØRENSEN Holger DEN 527

25. HRIBAR Jan SLO 520

Results can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

Photo by Marco Krannich

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