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The II European Games will be opened today

The organizers will wait 4000 athletes to the II European Games into Minsk, the Capital of Belarus. The athletes are coming from 50 countries and there will be 15 different sports, 23 disciplines. Shooting sport (pistol, rifle and shotgun) is one of the sports. The European Games will be opened on the 21st June and the closing ceremony will be on the 30th June.

Maximum of 122 athletes (61 women, 61 men) can take part in to the Shotgun Shooting Competition and the number of pistol and rifle is 210 athletes (104 men, 106 women). All the winners will get the quota place for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Shooting Competitions (pistol and rifle) will be competed at Shooting Centre of Marshal Semion Timoshenko and the Shotgun Competitions very nearby of Minsk Sporting Club which is also the Training Center of Belarusian Olympic Committee. The Shooting Centre completed 1971 and the rebuilding was ready in September 2018.

Today there will still Pre Event Training but the Games will start on Saturday (22nd June) with Men´s and Women´s Trap and Mixed Team 10m Air Pistol and Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle.

Where ever you go you can see the signs of European Games, flags, flower decorations and of course the official mascot of the games, the baby fox called Lesik who always has a happy and friendly smile on face.

When entering to the shooting centre athletes were still relaxed, took selfies, listened music or other way enjoyed their stay in Minsk. It looked relaxed but you could feel a little bit excitement behind.

The opening ceremony will take place at the Dinamo Stadium at 20.00 (local time) tonight. The stadium will be full of high level performances and a lot of joy when athletes are meeting each other at the ceremony. The theme of the Games is "Bright Year, Bright You!".

You can follow the II European Games from

Risto Aarrekivi

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