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The same duels in Duets

Just like a few days ago, the 50m Rifle Prone Duet Junior Final featured a meeting of the same nations: Poland and Norway.

In the Bronze medal match Team Norway 1 (Pernille Nor-Woll and Jens Olsrud Østli) easily broke the resistance of Team Poland 2 (Wilhelmina Wośkowiak and Jakub Goliszek) with the score 16-6. And again, like yesterday, the real fight started in the Gold medal match.

Team Poland 1 consisting of Maja Magdalena Gawenda and Wiktor Sajdak competed against Team Norway 2 represented by Caroline Finnestad Lund and Even Olai Enger Throndsen. Neither team allowed the other to get ahead. And, as usual, the winner could not be predicted until the last shot. For example, the score was 9-15 in favor of Poles. Then the score became 13-15! But in the end, the Polish pair pulled it together and won the Gold medals with a score of 13-17.

We should especially thank the fans who enthusiastically supported their athletes, not only today, but at every Final. That’s really important!

This is the real will to win!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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