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The world’s strongest athletes competed today in Trap events at the European Championships

It has been raining heavily here in Osijek for the last two days. Today the weather finally took pity on the athletes. It was chilly, but quite acceptable.

Maria Inês Coelho de Barros from Portugal, Safiye Sarıtürk Temizdemir from Türkiye, Silvana Stanco from Italy, 2020 Olympic Games Champion Fátima Gálvez Marín from Spain, Mopsi Veromaa from Finland, and Carole Cormenier from France started today’s Finals.

The first to eliminate was Veromaa with 16 hits. She was followed by Temizdemir with 21 hits and Cormenier with 25 hits.

All these rounds Coelho de Barros, Stanco and Gálvez Marín remained on top 3 positions making them competing for medals.

Gálvez Marín hit 30 clays and won Bronze. And after that the real battle began between Coelho de Barros and Stanco.

Both athletes started the 9th round having 33 and 31 hits respectively. Coelho de Barros shot the last two rounds perfectly and took the Gold medal as well as Olympic quota place with the final score 43-37 and, as it was here already before, tears in her eyes. This is precision!

Congratulations to all athletes!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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