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Today's competitions continued with Air Rifle event

Shooters representing Hungary and Italy met in the Semifinal 1.

István Péni bet Danilo Dennis Sollazzo with 16-8.

After that Martina Ziviani took over Eszter Mészáros with 17-11 making the total score 1-1.

In the Duel 3 Zalán Pekler was better than Edoardo Bonazzi with 16-12, and it was really difficult for Pekler to win in this Duel while when the score was 10-0 in favor of Pekler, Bonazzi started winning each shot. So the total score at that moment was 2-1.

In the last and the hardest Duel Eszter Dénes won over Barbara Gambaro with 17-15, besides the difference between ladies was about 10 points again!

Thanks for very interesting performance!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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