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Tuesday was full of Team Finals

Tuesday’s two last Finals were the 10m Air Pistol Team Women and 10m Air Rifle Team Men.

I wrote somewhere that the set of points does not tell the whole truth how good teams and athletes can be. The result number can be with big difference, but in the real life the difference can be the smallest 0.1 point and you lose the set and also two points. But the numbers tell anyway who was better one.

On Tuesday in the medal matches met excellent team and athletes but the result numbers won’t tell everything. In the 10m Air Pistol Team Women the Gold medal winner was team Ukraine by winning team Russian Federation with result 17-11. The Gold Medal team consisted of Olena Kostevych , Polina Kolesnikova and Yulia Korostylova.

In the bronze match Serbia beat Poland with result 16-8.

In 10m Air Rifle Team Men Russian Federation beat Serbian team with 17-11 results. The team consisted of Vladimir Maslennikov, Sergey Kamenskiy and Evgeny Panchenko.

The match was much tighter than the numbers will tell, but team Russia was anyway little better. That must we honestly say, even Serbia did not let the victory easily.

In the Bronze match hosting country beat France whose performance left someway unsure feeling. Croatian victory result was 17-9.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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