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Turkey won their first European Championship in Air Pistol Team Men

The last competition day was the day of Air Pistol and Rifle Team events.

The afternoon offered a great feeling, excitement, tears and surprises. The greatest news was that Turkey won their first European Team Championship ever. And it happened after very exciting moments with result 16-14 by beating Team Germany. We can say even they went hand in hand into the end. When other won a shot, the other one made it in the next shot. There were five tie situations – the last in 14-14. 

The Golden Turkish team consisted of Ismail Keles, Yusuf Dikec and Bugra Selimzage. Bronze medals travelled to Ukraine and Serbia.

There were 13 teams in the Air Pistol Team Men event.

Poland ruled in Air Pistol Team Women

The Gold Match of the Air Pistol Team Women was triumph of Poland Team. The Serbian team did not get into the flow until the end but it was too late. We can honestly say that Poland ruled ¾ part of the Match. Their concentration disappeared for a moment and Serbian team won couple points in row, but the difference has been crowed too long. Poland won the Championship finally clearly 16-8.

The team of Poland consisted of Klaudia Bres, Julita Borek and Agnieszka Korejwo.

In the Bronze match Hungary didn’t give any change to German Team and won Bronze 16-6.

Seven Teams participated in Air Pistol Team Women event.


Serbian team climbed to the highest Championship podium in Air Rifle Team Men

Serbian athletes were one of the most successful at this Championship. Serbian shooters showed their skill not only in Air Pistol but also in Air Rifle.

The first afternoon Rifle event was Air Rifle Team Men. Team Serbia was superior in this event while they beat Austria clearly 16-2. The figures seemed terrible but the results inside the shot which brought the points were very often very near of each other. Anyway Serbian team was crowned as the 2023 European Champion, Austria took Silver and Bronze medals went to Germany and Sweden.

The Serbian Championship team consisted of Milutin Stefanovic, Milenko Sebic and Lazar Kovacevic.

14 teams were participating in this event


Norway lost six match points, but won the Championship in Air Rifle Team Women

The Gold Match in Air Rifle Team Women crowned the whole Championship week. I haven’t seen this kind of thriller ever or for a long-long time. Believe or not! 

It looked that Serbia is a piece of cake to Norwegian Team who was leading the Gold Match already 13-1 and 15-5. But then started a Serbian wind blow: shot by shot they won points and finally there was 15-15. In that situation it looked that Serbian Team will pass Norway, but someway Norwegian managed to concentrate and win the last shot. Wau, what a match and thriller!

The Team Norway team consisted of Katrine Lund, Jenny Stene and Jeanette Hegg Duestad.

17 teams competed in Air Rifle Team Women event.

Congratulations to all the medal winners!

Results Book can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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