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Turkish audience was the most active

Today’s competitions continued with Trap Men Junior Team event which was accompanied by heavy rain.

Team Türkiye (Hüseyin Efe Özmen, Erdoğan Akkaya, and Süleyman Güvercin) met Team Slovakia (Marco Mohyla, Daniel Hruška, and Filip Benkovský) in the Bronze medal match.

The first round was taken by the Turkish team hitting all targets!

In the second round both teams shot the same number of targets making the score 3-1.

Next two rounds were taken by the Turks again, and they won the match with 7-1.

Despite this unconditional victory, there was a real fight for each series, and the match lasted long enough.

In the Gold medal match Italians Matteo D'Ambrosi, Valentino Curti, and Emanuele Iezzi met Spaniards Adrian López Diaz, Jon Lecanda Alcibar, and Daniel Fernández De Vicente.

The situation was the same: neither team wanted to concede in any series.

Spain won the first round. The second round was for Italy. And the next two rounds were taken by Team Italy as well.

So the final score was 6-2 with the difference of 2 clays in the last round.

It was a real battle of the Titans!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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