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Vaulting top results in the 300m Rifle 3 Position Men Elimination

I haven’t ever been in this kind Championship, where the records look to be only paper.

Michael D’Halluin (FRA), Simon Claussen (NOR), Bernhard Pickl (AUT), Peter Sidi (HUN) broke the Old World Record (1179) of the 300m Rifle 3x40 Men in the first relay of 300m Rifle 3 x40 Men Elimination. Germot Rumpler (AUT) and Hans Kristian Wear also equaled the record by shooting 1179.

And the record breaking continued in the second relay, when we compare the results with the old record. Istvan Peni (HUN) made 1187, Aleksi Leppä (FIN) 1186, Karl Olsson (SWE) 1182 and Tomasz Bartnik (POL) 1180!

Michael D’Halluin had the best breaking with result 1190, Istvan Penni second (1187), Aleksi Leppä was third (1186) Simon Claussen shot 1186 too, Karl Olsson (1182) and Bernhard Pickl shot 1181. Peter Sidi and Tomasz Barnik managed well in breaking too by shooting 1180!

"When I was shooting watched my scoreboard, I really thought that it is not working while nearly all the time it showed only tens. It was like in dreams", commentated World Record holder Michael D’Halluin when he was packing his ammunition.

Ten Men break or equal the Old World Record in one event may be also a World Record itself which could be informed perhaps to Guinness book! Anyway, that was cool! Tomorrow will have absolutely a top exciting competition when the 18 best of the Elimination will meet again.

In the team competition Norway ruled that superiorly. They won and made the new World Record too, 3533 which is 11 points better than the old one (3522). The team consisted of Simon Claussen (1186), Hans Kristian Wear (1179) and Kim Andre Lund (1168). France was second with result of 3528, bronze took Switzerland (3520).

Tomorrow is the last competition day when the 18 best men and women will compete the 300m Rifle 3 positions.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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