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Viva l'Italia!

Eight medals in one day – amazing!

On Friday, May 24th, the weather was truly Italian: hot and sunny. And, apparently, this left an imprint on the performance of the host nation’s athletes.

Arianna Nember started this challenge and won the Skeet Women Junior Final with 52 points. Briton Madeleine Zarina Russell took the second place with just 1 point behind. Georgian Elizaveta Boiarshinova took Bronze.

In Team event the situation was almost the same: again Nember, and again 1 point ahead. So Italy (Arianna Nember, Eleonora Ruta, Viola Picciolli) was the first with 333 followed by Slovakia (Miroslava Hocková, Adriána Zajíčková, Dominika Valková) with 332 and Germany (Emilie Bundan, Annabella Hettmer, Luise Middel) with 327 points.

The next stage of adding gold elements to the Italian piggy bank was Skeet Women Final. Diana Bacosi took over French Lucie Anastassiou with 56-51. Daria Turulo representing AIN was the third.

This time, unlike the previous event, the teams swapped places and were very close to each other: Slovaks Vanesa Hocková, Monika Štibravá, and Danka Barteková took Golds with 352 points, Italians Diana Bacosi, Simona Scocchetti, and Martina Bartolomei won Silvers with 350 points, and Bronzes went to Andri Eleftheriou, Panagiota Andreou, and Anastasia Eleftheriou from Cyprus with 349 points.

After that Men started showing their skills. It’s hard to believe, but there were no Italians among the winners of the Skeet Men event! German Sven Korte took over the AIN athlete Anatolii Semenenko with 52-50. The third was Andriy Kobzaruk from Ukraine.

Team Great Britain (Karl Frederick Killander, Mitchell Brooker-Smith, Ben Llewellin) took over Italy (Luigi Lodde, Tammaro Cassandro, Gabriele Rossetti) with 365-360, Czechs Daniel Korčák, Radek Prokop, and Tomas Nýdrle took Bronzes with 359 points.

Apparently, the Italian Juniors were very upset by the failure of their Senior teammates and, in revenge, took two medals at once! Riccardo Mignozzetti and Marco Coco took Gold and Silver medals with 54 and 53 points respectively, the third was Panagiotis Gerochristos from Greece.

Through simple mathematical calculations, it is easy to guess that the golden point on this day was again set by Italian athletes. Marco Coco, Matteo Bragalli, and Antonio la Volpe won a convincing victory over the Germans Maximilian Alexander Seibel, Luis Lange, and Valentin Philipp Johannes Woestmeyer with the score 358-345! Panagiotis Gerochristos, Efraim Nikolantonakis, and Andreas Despotopoulos from Greece came third with 343 points.

All these days spectators run onto the range after each event’s completion and rush into the arms of their athletes, so Referees and Jury Members have to make incredible efforts to push back these crowds of Joy.

Thanks for the exciting performance!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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