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We would like to give an unforgettable experience for all participants

The European Shooting Championship Shotgun will be organized on 31st July-13th August in Leobersdorf. The Shooting Park Leobersdorf belongs to the Baden District in Lower Austria. The Shooting Park is a full service sport shooting center, where you can shoot nearly all disciplines. This time is time for shotgun shooting sport (Trap, Skeet and Double Trap).

During the Championships you can find all remarkable shotgun shooting manufactures launches in Leobersdorf, but also after the championship Shooting park offers to the athletes a big store and service facilities where you can find the products of all biggest shooting manufactures. Leobersdorf will serve the teams with huge resting tents, restaurants etc.

All shotgun ranges are top level and latest style with electronic Multi Pull scoring boards operated with SIUS Ascor, so you can easily follow the situation of the competition. Of course there are more score boards and screens around the arena. The most massive issue is probably the auditorium which has been built especially for this event. It consists of over 300 seats.

"This auditorium is now temporary but we’ll need a stable one. We are looking into the future and we would like to organize more international big competitions while we have now get ready this beautiful modern center. I wish that we can offer a full service and nice, unforgettable experience for all participants and visitors", explained Josef Hahnenkamp, director of the center, with a little bit pride on his face.

The opening ceremony will take place tomorrow Tuesday 31st July in Town Center (Rathausplatz) Leobersdorf at 7.00 pm.

Championship can be seen on ESC website LIVE.

Risto Aarrekivi

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