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Young Ladies and Gentlemen gathered in Teams

Croatian Monday started with Skeet Men & Women Junior Finals.

11 Men Junior and 5 Women Junior teams took part in the Qualification. 4 of them proceeded to each of medal matches. For reasons of politeness, the girls, of course, started first.

In the Bronze medal match Phoebe Grace Bodley-Scott, Sophie Herrmann, and Madeleine Zarina Russell from Great Britain met Hannah Middel, Luise Middel, and Emilie Bundan from Germany.

In the first and the third rounds both teams have shot the same number of clays having earned 1 point each. Anyway the Brits pulled themselves together and won the match with 6-2.

Team Italy (Damiana Paolacci, Viola Picciolli, and Sara Bongini) competed against Team Slovakia (Adela Supeková, Adriana Zajíčková, and Miroslava Hocková) in the Gold medal match.

The situation in this match was not so easy. Again till the very end it was impossible to say who’s going to win. But Italian girls were calmer and won Golds with 6-4.


Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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