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Highlights of the day (25.02)

Russian Alina Khizbullina showed her excellent concentration and shooting skills when participated to the 10m Air Rifle Women Junior Qualification.

There were totally 70 athletes in this Qualification. Alinaīs all ten shotīs six series were fantastic: two times 103.9, 105.4, 106.9. 105.5 and 106.3. It meant that she had shot a result of 631.9 which is a new Qualification European record Junior. Second best in the Qualification was Hungarian Eszer Meszaros, who lost 4.0 to Khizbullina. The following six athletes who reached the place to the final were Sofia Ceccarello (ITA- 626.3), Anastasiia Dereviagina (RUS – 626), Aleksandra Szutko (POL-625.4), Julie Johannessen (NOR-624.6), Jade Bordet (FRA-624.5) and Jolien Verret (BEL-624.2).

As we all know the final is always a different and own competition where you have to manage also well. The bitter taste of final had to taste unfortunately also the16 years young new Qualification European Record holder Alina Khizbullina. Probably all her power was used in the Qualification and she was finally 7th at the final.

The winner of the European title won finally Aleksandra Szutko (248.8) from hosting country Poland, who was also one of the favourites. She beat finally silver medallist, French Jade Bordet (248.0), with the difference of 0.8 points. The bronze medal winner was Hungarian Eszter Meszaros (227.4).

Hungarian Soma Hammel won gold at final of the 10m Air Rifle Men Junior

Tuesdays was the day of European records. The winners of Qualification of the 10m Air Rifle Women and Men Junior showed amazing shooting skill. It meant that there were seen two European Records in Wroclaw today. In Women Junior Russian Khizbullina made a new record and the same did Italian Danillo Dennis Sollazzo. Sollazzoīs new Qualification record was 631.4! Hungarian Soma Hammerl (624.9), Sweden Victor Lindgren (624.5), German Pascal Walter (624.3), Austrian Stefan Wadlegger (624.0), Russian Grigorii Shamakov (624.0), Serbian Marko Ivanovic (623.9) and Hungarian Ferenc Toeroek (623.7) were the other lucky ones to the final.

Unfortunately, the Italian Danilo Dennis Sollazzo, best of Qualification of the 10m Air Rifle Men Junior with a new European record, had the same destiny as Alina Khizbullina earlier. He couldnīt win the Championship. Sollazzo was finally 5th.

It looked long time that German Stefan Wadlegger will be the winner while he was leading nearly the whole final. When 20 shots had made Hungarian Soma Hammerl took the lead with 0.2 difference and kept it into the end of the final. The victory result was 248.6. The Silver medl travelled to Germany with Stefan Wadlegger (249.2) and bronze to Russian Federation with Grigorii Shamakov (226.0).

Into the separate team competitions which will take place on Thursday (27.2.) the following teams qualified from the Qualification today:

Men Junior: Italy (1873.4), Hungary (1867.6), Germany (1864.9), Serbia (1864.1), Russian Federation (1864.0), France (1863.6), Austria (1859.5) and Croatia (1859.2).

Swedish Emil Martinsson on the top of the Running Target Men

Swedish Emil Martinsson won the 10m Running Target men competition today in Wroclaw. Martinsson was third in the Qualification and met in Semifinals Ukrainian Ihor Kizyma who was second. Martinsson won Kizyma 7-5 and entered to the Gold Match. The best of the Qualification Polish Lukasz Czapla met Russian Mikhail Azarenko. Azarenko did not give any chance to Czapla and won him 6-3 and continued to the Gold Match.

The Bronze Match was not at all clear who would be the winner of bronze. It was needed 12 shots before the bronze medallist was known. Polish Lukasz Czapla shot into the two last shots 10.7 and 10.9 and won finally bronze.

The Gold Match was not easier for Martinsson either. The situation was after 6th shot tie 3-3, but after that Azarenko lost a little bit his focus and he couldn’t hit tens – best 9.8 and he lost the three last shots. Emil Martinsson was again the European Champion.

In team Competition Russian Federation won gold, but only with the difference of inner tens before Sweden. Both teams shot 1714, but Russian team hit 46 inner tens instead of Sweden 44. The Bronze medal team was Finland. The European Championship team consisted of Mikhail Azarenko (287+290), Vladislav Shchepotkin (291+283) and Vladislav Prianishnikov (286+277).

Olga Stepanova the most accurate in 10m Running Target Women

Russian Olga Stepanova knew where and when she needs to collect all the power, focus and concentration. She was fourth in the qualification and continued to semi-finals, but in the semi-finals she won Ukrainian Viktoriya Rybovalova (best of the qualification) in tight match with result 7-5 and reached the place for Gold Match. In the second semi-final met Ukrainian Galina Avramenko and German Daniela Vogelbacher. Vogelbacher shot well and won five shots online after the first lost shot. She won Avramenko 6-4.

In Gold Match Vogelbacher won several shots but then she lost her focus totally and she lost seven shots from eight. Stepanova was crowned the Queen of the 10m Running Target Women with result 7-5.

In bronze Match met Ukrainian team mates Rybovalova and Avramenko. Rybovalova was superior with result 6-0 and won bronze.

In the team competition Ukraine did not give any chance to the other teams. Ukranian team won gold with the difference of 22 points before Russian Federation (1650). The bronze travelled to Armenia(1637). The Ukrainian (result 1672) team consisted of Viktoriya Rybovalova, (281+280), Galina Avramenko (283+276) and Valentyna Honcharova (285+267)

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Risto Aarrekivi

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