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Italy, Turkey, Portugal, and Slovakia win medals in Trap Mixed Team

28 Mixed Teams were on start of competitions. 6 of them made their way to Final.

The Italian duo Jessica Rossi and Daniele Resca won in the Gold medal match over the Turkish pair Oğuzhan Tüzün and Safiye Sarıtürk Temizdemir. In Bronze medal match 1 teams of Germany (Katrin Quooss and Paul Pigorsch) and Portugal (João Azevedo and Maria Inês Barros Coelho) determined the winner only after shoot-off. In Bronze medal match 2 team of Slovakia (Erik Varga and Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková) was more precise than the team of Great Britain (Aaron Heading and Lucy Charlotte Hall).

Congratulations to all medal winners!

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