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Now towards the Air Cup Super Finals

The Qualification Rounds of the ESC Air Cup powered by Walther and Capapie has finished.

The Air Cup Qualification rounds have now successfully completed. Before the Covid 19 pandemic, there were over 1000 participants, but during the spread of the Covid virus many countries and clubs had to stop all the actions at the shooting ranges and close them. Now when the Qualification is finished, we can proudly tell you, that 627 athletes had the opportunity to complete their competition. The Internet online Super Final has been planned for the 9-10th October 2021.

The ESC Technical Committee will contact coaches and athletes for giving detailed information about the Super Final, which is also seen on ESC web.

Our sponsor Walther will award the winners fabulous air guns. Capapie will award not only the winners, but all the finalists with their shooting clothing and accessories.

The ESC Technical Committee thanks all participants, clubs, club volunteers and our great sponsors (Walther and Capapie) for making this competition possible during this challenging time.

Next seasons competition will start right after the Super Final with details being published in mid-June.

The Super Final will be completed over the weekend of 9-10th October, on Saturday 9th October will be Air Rifle Men and Air Pistol Women finals and on Sunday 10th October Air Rifle Women and Air Pistol Men finals.

As Running Target does not have separate finals, here are the results of their competition:

Running Target (12 athletes)

1. PUHAKKA Ville FIN 2253

2. SØRLIE Tommy André NOR 2217

3. LEPP Heili EST 2202

4. ORESHKOV Nikita RUS 2127

5. SILE Hellar EST 2089

6. GOLUBCHENKO Vladimir RUS 1999

7. TAR Csaba HUN 1036

8. POZHIDAEV Valeriy RUS 1021

And here are the athletes who have qualified for the Rifle and Pistol finals

Air Rifle Men (130 athletes)

1. KRUMM Florian GER 2519.9

2. RENZ Andreas GER 2516.6

3. POTAPOV Evgenyi RUS 2502.7

4. ZAGRUTDINOV Adel RUS 2499.0

5. VOSS Martin Nesvik NOR 2493.3

6. PETROV Pavel RUS 2488.8

7. JANJIC Djordje SRB 2486.1

8. KASI Aleksi FIN 2483.8

Air Rifle Women (157 athletes)

1. KOEGEL Michaela GER 2525.1

2. BACK Antonia GER 2522.1

3. STEFFEN Hannah GER 2518.7

4. SVE Martine NOR 2515.3

5. MANGOLD Anita GER 2514.6

6. HABIBULLINA Aygul RUS 2501.7

7. ZIRFASS Alisa GER 2500.2

8. ALSTAD Andrea I. NOR 2498.2

Air Pistol Men (206 athletes)

1. STANISLAV Silaev RUS 2312

2. KUZNETSOV Aleksey RUS 2304


4. FURBORG Joe SWE 2293

5. JAHNSSON Kai FIN 2288

6. OTRADNOV Vladimir RUS 2286

7. CHIBIS Yaroslav RUS 2284

8. SVETLOV Bogdan RUS 2284

Air Pistol Women (122 athletes)

1. PADERINA Natalia RUS 2297

2. THOMSSON Jenny SWE 2284

3. GALLIEN Alisson FRA 2277

4. GOGOLEVA Naina RUS 2267

5. KORELINA Polina RUS 2251

6. POLINA Grigorieva RUS 2249


8. ANISCHENKO Victoria RUS 2234


Actual results can be found here.


Risto Aarrekivi

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