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Peeter Olesk ruled the third Ranno Krusta Memorial

Ranno Krusta was very welknown coach in Estonia and all over the pistol shooting world.

He was the coach of Peeter Olesk and many others. After his death Estonian Shooting Shooting Sport Federation decided to honour his memory by organaising the Ranno Krusta Memoriual Competition.

The Third Ranno Krusta memorial will take on 6th-7th June in Männiku Shooting Center.

The first Ranno Krusta Memorial was organized in 2021 and the winner was Italian Riccardo Mazzetti. In 2022 the winner was Krusta´s student Peeter Olesk.

- Ranno Krusta was travelling around Estonia and looking for the talent shooters. I was competing at Estonian National Championships Juniors when we met first time 2009 and he was asking me what shall I do now when you will start the gymnasium? Would you like to Tallinn to continue your school and start training with me. It sounded interesting instead of Bulva – small city of southern Estonia. Then I came to Tallinn and then the co-operation started, told Krusta´s famous student Peeter Olesk.

- He was more or less like a father not only for me but also for the other students to. He knew always what kind of words we needed when encouraging us to be braver. That was his best side. Of course he gave a lot of hints how to act in shooting and in competitions. The trainer does not need to try always make improvements or changes, but he has to recognize that kind of mental help the athlete needs to continue to the next step, explains Olesk.

- Today when we were speaking with jury members, we remembered Ranno that we had always to rush and keep hurry when checking and correcting the targets, while Ranno wanted to be in time and follow the schedule which was at the program.

The Ranno Krusta Memorial consists of two events of the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol. After the Qualifications six best will shoot the final on both day. The ranking is determined as the sum of the place points of the two competition days. If the place points are equal, the sum of the qualification’s competitions will be calculated. 

After the Qualification on Thursday on the top place was Estonia Peeter Olesk (577), second was Fred Raukas (575), who shot 1 point less than his personal best. Finnish Marko Talvitie was third (571). The three last finalists were: Daniels Vilcins (LAT), Rihards Zorge (LAT) and Erki Sillamaki (EST).

At final yesterday Peeter Olesk showed his skills and won the final before Finnish Marko Talvitie, Estonian Fred Raukas was third. The Ranno Krusta Memorial will continue tomorrow (Friday 7.7.) and then we know, who is the winner of this third memorial. 

The same order continued also today in the second part of the Ranno Krusta Memorial.

Finnish Marko Talvitie made a good match but he couldn´t win Peeter Olesk at final. Today third was Estonia Ragnar Juurik.

When counting together the positions of yesterday and today, the podium order was clear.

While Peeter Olesk won the both finals, he won the whole Ranno Krusta Memorial. Marko Talvitie was second on yesterday and today, he won the silver medal. Estonian Fred Raukas was third, while he was yesterday third and today fourth.

- I did my job, that was the simple goal of this competition. Today the weather conditions changed a couple of times, but it didn´t disturb me. For me the rain made me easier to shoot, while I can see better the differences of the target colours.

- This was now my second win, warm thanks to Ranno, wherever you are in the heaven, said the winner of the Memorial and student of Ranno Krusta.

Results can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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