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Robin Walter from Germany is the European Champion in 10m Air Pistol Men event!

Damir Mikec from Serbia won the Qualification at 10m Air Pistol Men with 584 points. The Qualification requirement for Final stage was 581 points.

Damir Mikec and Lauris Strautmanis (Lativia), Robin Walter (Germany) and Miklos Tatrai (Hungary) met in the Final stage, relay 1. Robin Walter and Miklos Tatrai won relay 1, and qualify for the Final, with 44 and 39,5 points. It was close race for Damir Mikec, who was beaten by 0,5 points, and finish 3rd place in this relay.

Emils Vasermanis (Latvia), Juraj Tuzinsky (Slovakia), Jason Solari (Switzerland) and Pavel Schejbal (Check Republic) met in the Final stage, relay 2. Jason Solari and Jurai Tuzinsky qualified for the Finals after a great match, with 48,5 and 38 points. Pavel Schejbal was just 1 point behind the 2nd place, and finished 3rd place.

Jason Solari from Switzerland finished the Finals at 4th place with 22 points, 2 points behind Miklos Tatrai from Hungary, who was currently on 3rd place. After 14 shots, Miklos Tatrai had 36,5 points, and was 0,5 points behind Juraj Tuzinsky from Slovakia. Robin Walter from Germany was currently the leader with 41,5 points. Juraj Tuzinsky shot a 10,7 against Miklos Tatrai with a 9,8, who also wins the Bronze medal!

Robin Walter and Juraj Tuzinsky met for the Final shots, which Robin Walter seemed to win. The score was 9-1, until Juray Tuzinsky made the Finals exciting! Juray now leads the Final by 11-15, when Robin wins the next 4 points. 15-15, and the best shot wins: Robin Walter shot a 9,5 against Juray Tuzinsky`s 9,3. Robin Walter wins the Gold medal after a terrific Final!

Results can be found here.

Photos (by Steven Lopez / IG:Pewnor) can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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