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Steven Scott robbed the golden medal

In men’s double trap the final was the best final which have been so far in Sarlóspuszta. Steven Scott (GBR) came and pushed Vasily Mosin (RUS) from the crown chair after exciting moments.

“I feel like a legend”, laughed Steven Scott after gold shoot off when he beat Russian Vasily Mosin. “This was very hard. I’m very pleased. Mosin and Innocenti shot all day well, but I had a little bit more luck today than they. The shoot of was very stuff. But when I reached the gold medal match, I was relaxed and satisfied. It gave me possibility to concentrate to the gold match while I knew that I have at least silver medal. Then I only shot as well as I could. I’m very happy. Very happy”.

Both athletes shot in semi-finals clearly to the gold match with the result of 27 from 30 targets. Both athletes missed only one target in the gold match. Then it was the turn of the shoot off. That lasted till the second pair, when Mosin missed one of the second shoot off pair. That concluded the shoot off. Vasily Mosin was ever so disappointed for the result.

“I hate myself now, I hate double trap now. I should have won, but I couldn’t. I would have needed this title”, breathed the European Champion of the last year (2013).

After resting for a while after a long day, he was already smiling, but the disappointment could be seen in his eyes still. Sport is sometimes quite raw.

Italian Marco Innocenti (24+2) reached the place into the bronze match trough the shoot offs, where he beat Russian Vitaly Fokeev (24+1) and German Andreas Loew (24+1). In bronze match multiple medallist did not give any possibilities to Slovakian Hubert Olejnik who has opened his road directly to the bronze match with the result 26. Innocenti missed only twice one target of the 15 target pairs. Hubert Olejnik did not manage to put his shooting into the controlled shape as usual, and he shot the bronze match very uneven. Innocenti’s bronze winning result was 28-22.

The championships will continue next with skeet shooting. On Monday there is pre event training only, and the competitions will start on Tuesday 24th June.

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