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Surprises continued

The Air Rifle Women may be the most popular event in the Championships.

Here in Osijek there were totally 93 athletes. From the Qualification the eight best qualified to the Finals and they were:

1. DVORSAK Ziva SLO 630.8

2. DUESTAD Jeanette Hegg NOR 630.6

3. CECCARELLO Sofia ITA 630.2

4. MULLER Oceanne Marianne FRA 629.7

5. DENES Eszter HUN 629.4

6. KAPS Jessie BEL 628.5

7. GALASHINA Anastasiia RUS 628.4

8. KARIMOVA Yulia RUS 627.9

The biggest surprise made 23 years young Jessie Kaps from Belgium. Her best result was before Monday (May 24) 619.9 from Wroclaw ECH2020. But on Monday she exploded the result list with 628.5. She received also a possibility to compete of the Tokyo quota place. The three other who are competing with her from the 2 quotas are Italian Sofia Ceccarello, French Oceanne Muller and Hungarian Eszer Denes.

At the Final Jessie Kaps continued her surprises by winning Silver and quota place for Belgium. Some kind of surprise is the winner French Oceanne Muller who won the whole show and also the first Rifle event quota for France. Muller is only 18 years young athlete. The Muller’s victory result 251.9 is an Equal European Record and it is also an new European Record Junior. The Bronze medal travelled with Sofia Ceccarello to Italy.

From the Team competition the best 8 continues to the second stage and they are:

1. Norway 1882.6

2. Slovenia 1881.2

3. Russian Federation 1879.4

4. Italy 1877.4

5. Switzerland 1874.8

6. Ukraine 1871.7

7. Denmark 1871.5

8. Romania 1871.5

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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