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Tight in 300m Rifle Prone Women – three athletes finished with the same result

The 2021 Lapua European Cup Finals finished today with the 300m Prone Women and Men competitions. Today athletes competed in so called Super Final too.

Three best women finished their Prone competition with the same result. The result was 594. So, then it was the turn to check the inner tens. The winner of the 300m Rifle Prone Women was finally Anja Senti from hosting country Switzerland. Senti shot 34 inner tens. Silver winner Swedish Elin Åhlin made 33 inner tens. Swiss Muriel Züger was third Bronze with same result but she had 24 inner tens.

Austrian Bernhard Pickl is best in 300m Rifle Prone Men

Austrian Bernhard Pickl climbed today to the highest podium by winning the 300m Rifle Prone. He shot result 597 and won Gold with the difference of three points before Slovenian Robert Markoja (594). Pickl’s teammate Gernot Rumbler who was also on podium yesterday was the third with result 593. Rumpler won Bronze before Danish Karsten Brandt with the difference of inner tens, 25-24.

In the Super Final team Weimar (Karl Olsson SWE – Gernot Rumpler SUI) was the best with result 1717. Team Plzen (Kaolina Kowalczyk POL – Silvia Gugnanard SUI) was second with result 1714. Third team was Eskilstuna (Aleksi Leppa FIN – Tomasz Bartnik POL) with result 1522.

The 2022 Lapua European Cup 25m/300m competition schedule will be confirmed officially in October.

Results can be found here.

Photos: Swiss Organizing Committee

Risto Aarrekivi

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