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We will not allow the destruction of unity!

Dear Colleagues, Associates and Friends,

During the recent days we received several pieces of information which was very hard for any sane person to believe. However the goals and the objectives why this information has been circulated to us are clearly evident.

Somebody is interested to find a reason for disrupting the ISSF General Assembly and the ensuing elections. To defame one or all of us.

I do not have any doubt that in reality these allegations have no connection with anybody's safety. I hope that the respective bodies will find out who is the real perpetrator and who consequently is organizing the dirty games.

I am sure this will not be the last provocation and we must therefore be ready to deal with any attempts to disunite us, to create an atmosphere of nervousness and hysteria.

We are sensible people and understand everything correctly. It is impossible to disunite us - WE ARE ONE FAMILY!

Vladimir Lisin

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